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Online HIRING on TeachersAroundMe is Nigeria's number one online digital profile Hiring destination. We pride ourselves in having every professional (Teachers, Linguists, Counselors and Skill Trainers) you could possibly need to live a better fulfilled life and all at a worthy price. Our access to professionals in their various field of study gives you nothing but the absolute best you could ever imagine. Some of what our professional Teachers offer is Elementary, Basic and Adult Education in all subjects like Mathematics, English Language, Basic Technology, Physics, Yoruba, Accounting, Chemistry, Biology and so much more. Our Language Specialists (Linguists) are ready to take you on a language trip to professionalism or hold a customer service position in your organization, speaking to your clients and customers in the language they best understand and love to speak from local Nigerian languages like Yoruba, Igbo, Hausa, Efik/Ibibio, to foreign languages like Chinese, Twi, Russian, German, Spanish, French and lots more. Counselors on TeachersAroundMe are set to guide and counsel you in whatever area you so require guidance and counseling. As we have Relationship & Marriage Counselors, Career Counselors, Young Girls Counselors, Life Development Therapists just to mention a few. Under our Skill Training category, we have lots of Skill Trainers ready to train you whatever skills you so wish to acquire like Graphics Designing, Baking, Photography, Video Editing, Entrepreneurship, Agro-Alied, Fashion Designing, Make-Up, Food Processing, Cosmetics, Script Writing, Dancing, Acting, Finance, Management, Music Production, Bead Making, Wig & Hair Dressing and so much to think of to professionalism within the shortest period of time ever.  All at unbeatable prices. Professionals are to get work done in your preferred location, your date and time. With bulk Hiring of some certain professionals on TeachersAroundMe  you stand a chance of getting discount and flexible payment. You can pay with your debit card when you HIRE on our platform, pay into our bank account, or best do a bank transfer. Get the best of services online.  TeachersAroundMe got everyone covered irrespective of age, gender, class, and preferences. Hiring online in Nigeria is easy and convenient with us. The TeachersAroundMe platform provides you with a wide range of professionals you can trust.

Hire Teachers, Language Specialists, Counselors & Skill Trainers on TeachersAroundMe is your one stop platform with all you could need to be Educated, Skilled, & Counseled to live a redefined and fruitful life worth emulating. Having broad categories compassing several professionals, all you just need to do is to sit down, relax while you select the professionals you need, add to your cart and checkout. We have the most well spoken payment gateway integrated on our site, which has PCI compliance; so you are best safe with your card online payment on our platform. You can also request to HIRE a professional by email, text or phone call stating the unique code of the professional and details on when you need them to come for interview or resume work to   TeachersAroundMe remains your No.1 online Hiring platform that ease the hiring process, bringing education closer to all, making you get nothing but the best in no time.

Why Choose TeachersAroundMe

As a Professional (Teacher, Linguist, Counselor & Skill Trainer), you get to state your salary yourself, location and hours in which you prefer to work. TeachersAroundMe doesn't interfere.


As a Client (Employer), you are guarantee professionals in their respective field of your selection. You will definitely find your perfect match. And if you don't, you can send a mail to or give us a call or text stating your request. And you're assured to get a feedback bagging your desired professionals within the most possible shortest period of time ever.

You all are guaranteed the best online hiring experience like never before.


TeachersAroundMe – redefining lives positively.